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The Windows Phone UX guidelines have just come out, and they make for interesting reading. Read on for a few quick comments on items of note. Also, check out Luke W’s writeup of the Windows Phone UI and Design Language presentation from MIX10. Some of the points raised there (obviously) come through in the UX […]

I finally got around to reading the iPad Human Interface Guidelines. I am of course impressed by Apple’s dedication to producing interface guidelines for its community of developers and designers that are clear and straightforward. I’m also impressed at the thought Apple has put toward how the iPad experience should be deliberately different than an […]

This is the first installment in a series that will compare how various smartphone UIs approach UI conventions. I hope you find it interesting, although truthfully I’m doing it mostly for myself so I have a handy set of screenshots to access for comparing how a Blackberry does X compared to Symbian, or Android, or […]

Re-start! Sorry, I’ve let this blog languish as I’ve transitioned to a new job and a new field of technology. Since July, I’ve been working on the user experience team for Fox Mobile Group, where we’re doing some interesting things on, yes, mobile phones. Now I’m ready to start blogging again, and the blog will […]

What, you want more yammering on activity streams? My friend, look no further. I got to thinking: what is the scanning behavior for users looking at an activity stream? More specifically, when scanning a stack of activity feed items, what visual cue is the user looking for to indicate that a certain feed merits more […]

Seems like you can’t swing a dead cat around without hitting someone that’s got an activity stream built into their app, or their app is a an aggregator of activity streams. Not surprising. Twitter is enormously popular. People looove to read those tweets. This is affecting how other consumer products look at their activity UIs. […]

I’m building this post as a personal cheat sheet for Data Portability efforts in social networking. Coz I can’t keep it straight. Give me a few days to construct it, at which point I’ll probably make it a separate page on this here blog. Please let me know if you see errors, or have comments. […]

I’m feeling bloody-minded and have been re-reading Don Norman‘s “Design of Everyday Things.” I got on this kick because I was annoyed at Norman’s article in the latest Interactions: in discussing “social signals” (indicators of status left by human activity–for example, an empty train platform indicating you’ve missed your train) Norman has unkind words regarding […]

Moderator: “Nothing says 8:30 a.m. on the last day of the conference like a math and theory-heavy session.” Can Markets Help: Applying Market Mechanisms to Improve Synchronous Communication CMU People. Natch. Basic upshot: Sender does not now how costly interruption is to the receivers, and the receivers do not know how important the communication is […]

Coordinating High Interdependency Tasks in Asymmetric Distributed Teams Petra Saskia Bayerl and Kristina Lauche, Delft University of Technology Challenges of remote teams Coordination of tasks and processes Technology restrictions Process and motivation losses Conflicts and trust Whoah, they looked at offshore oil production teams and the control people onshore. Study aim: coordination for highly interpendent […]