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Linguistic Mimicry and Trust in Text-Based CMC Lauren Scissors et al, Northwestern University In face to face settings, people establish rapport through behavior mimicry, to get people to like them. Lack this in text. Is there linguistic mimicry? Previous research indicates that f-to-f speech patterns, people tend to adopt partner’s speach patterns. Also, research on […]

Microstructures of Social Tagging Need to get name of presenter…University of Illinois What are microstructures? Relatively invariant behavioral patterns emerged from user-environment interactions. At a functional level, cognitive processes tend to be stable across individuals. Why do we care? Provide explanations that cut zcross levels of activities: social levels (minutes, hours, weeks), cognitive levels (seconds, […]

I’m taking notes as the sessions go… Mopping up: Modeling Wikipedia promotion decisions Moira Burke and Robert Kraut – CMU (Bob is a failry big figure in CSCW and CHI) How are promotion decisions made? Large groups of strangers colaborate to choose caretakers known as administrators We model successful candidates based on simple metrics that […]

I spent the day yesterday in a roomful of supersmart people discussing Social Networking in the Organization. Below you’ll find a not-especially-coherent splash of notes on the whole thing. Big thanks organizers of the workshop, who made it an interesting day and patiently tolerated my industry-skewed blathering. Joan DiMicco – IBM Research David Millen – […]

In the last few posts I’ve introduced the issue of how one’s work and social life can collide in social networking applications, and reviewed a few of the UI controls that enterprise companies demand from social-media providers to make sure their populations behave appropriately. But in this post I will argue that, by and large, […]

I’ll be part of a workshop on “Social Networking in Organizations” at Computer Supported Cooperative Work 2008, next week in San Diego. CSCW is the premiere academic conference devoted to collaborative work, sponsored by the Association of Computing Machinery (ACM). The workshop is hosted by several people from IBM’s Center for Social Software and another […]

Amusing article by Scott Brown in Wired discussing how maintaining constant contact with a ton of friends, and being meticulously updated as to all their activities on Facebook, isn’t necessarily a good thing. What about people you want to kind of fade away, like that kind of annoying guy from high school? Scott Brown on […]

So last time around, I was wondering whether I should continue to link my Twitter (and Facebook), which tend to have personal-oriented (and possibly problematic) content, to this blog, which is much more of a business vehicle. Naturally that begs the larger question: how is social software in general, and enterprise social media in particular, […]

This simple, personal (and yes, self-absorbed) question has some pretty serious social-media dimensions. I’m not just navel-gazing! Let me explain. The ascendence of social media has brought the private and business lives of individuals into increasing contact. In the past, appropriate behavior at the office and behavior (appropriate or otherwise) in one’s personal life was […]

As the enterprise increasingly adopts social media, one of the key skeptical questions from prospects or new clients is: “How Do We Get People to Use It?” It’s a fair question. Whether the corporation is making the investment in a social media app for marketing outreach, employee collaboration and productivity, or closed-network communications, they’re typically […]