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This simple, personal (and yes, self-absorbed) question has some pretty serious social-media dimensions. I’m not just navel-gazing! Let me explain. The ascendence of social media has brought the private and business lives of individuals into increasing contact. In the past, appropriate behavior at the office and behavior (appropriate or otherwise) in one’s personal life was […]

As the enterprise increasingly adopts social media, one of the key skeptical questions from prospects or new clients is: “How Do We Get People to Use It?” It’s a fair question. Whether the corporation is making the investment in a social media app for marketing outreach, employee collaboration and productivity, or closed-network communications, they’re typically […]

Quick note on an interesting article in the July/Aug Communications of the ACM (yeah, I’m a bit late on this). “Web Science: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Understanding the Web,” (430kb pdf link) calls for an approach studying and engineering the Web that is equally cognizant of its engineering mechanisms and protocols as it is of […]

Okay, welcome to usersarehumans. This blog will focus on the design and business of building social software, particularly with regards to large and risk-averse corporations. Our title above, “What is to be done”, comes to us from more than 100 years ago courtesy of a fellow named Vladmir Lenin. Younger readers may not be intimately […]