Related note… “Friend Fade”


Amusing article by Scott Brown in Wired discussing how maintaining constant contact with a ton of friends, and being meticulously updated as to all their activities on Facebook, isn’t necessarily a good thing. What about people you want to kind of fade away, like that kind of annoying guy from high school?

Scott Brown on Facebook Friendonomics (Wired Magazine)

Brown suggests a “Friend Fade” feature for Facebook that kind of lets those C-list friends disappear. In truth, Facebook does offer a “Less about [name]” feature in its activity feeds, which I myself have started using for people I have friended, but aren’t really my friends. Does it work? Still figuring that out. But it seems useful, and maybe the perception is all that matters.

Next post: other features / functions that social media might use to balance the business / private aspects of your life.


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